Thursday, 27 February 2014


Ah.. at last dpt landing jugak! But mind still clouded with tomorrow's agenda. Ah.. looks like i dont even have time for myself anymore..rumah bagaikan hotel..check in 7pm..check out 8am..almost 12hours spending time outside! so no wonder nowadays house stail is apartment. Because people not living in but check in..! Hows greedy our life today..but what ever it is.. please dont ever give up and surrender for ur life..keep fighting! Ingatlah org tersayang..(haha..ucapan mcm nk balik raya opsikap!) Xoxo

- sudenly teringat time interview lesson time blaja of my lecture question is.."since u're appling this position..u'll have big responsibility and sometime u need to sacrifice ur own time to catch up with ur paper work and so do u ok with that?" Jawapan time tu sume "OK OK OK" yek..!! Hahaha..sbb nk markah tinggi kan.. so bile dah in real situation baru tau macam nana rasanya! Ohh... i think i miss my study time.. sbb boleh ponteng2!! Kerje?? Nk ponteng??? Haha..sakitlerr kemudian hari bile tibe dateline!

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