Wednesday 25 June 2014

FREE CAKE!! berite serious tau!! Bkn tipu2..bukan main2..bukan olok2..hahha..semalam dapat kkek free kat secret recipe!!! Dah la mmg cake secret resipe sedap kan? So bile dapat free...lagi bertambah lah kesedapannye tu!! Hihi..nak tau ape rahsienye??? Ni die.... taraaaaaaa!!! By samsung galaxy life app!! Hihihii.. :D

Monday 23 June 2014


Wooot wooooot..! One more movie review for today.. Maleficent!! 

I heard many compliment and suggestion from friends about this movie! sooo... last two week on weekend, im step into cinema to get my ticket, unfortunately, i am not so lucky... they are SOLD OUT! how bad my feeling that time.. soooo.. on Monday i ask my friend to buy online, and we did it on Wednesday after work! hihihi.. luckily we bought online ticket, because my hall is full!!

What i can say is... the movie was awesome! i love it and i love to watch it for second and third and forth and until hundred times.. hahaha.. (overnye!)... and i think there is no mistake or what ever fault, but at the end, we are askin each other "who is actually the bad one???" and at last we are just laughing. hahahha.. dont get angry.. with that question.. please watch yourself.. i bet u'll love it too!

sooo... overall... i would like to give this movie 4.5/5 hihi.. well.. as usual, this is my personal opinion, personal rate, u may rate yours and share your moment and what your love about this movie, but please "NO SPOILER" here.. ok thank you. wink2. xoxo!


Hello Movieholic!! time to catch up your movie review!!

Welll... this movie is marvellous! i enjoy the storyline, they have a very good idea. Eventhough this movie is action genre, but they also have a sense of humor!! haha.. i dont want to give a spoil, so anyone who are not watch yet, go get your ticket before the show meet the end.

Overall i give this movie 4/5 hihi.. well this is my personal opinion, u may share yours but please "NO SPOILER" hihi :D

Sunday 22 June 2014


Hello readers...! I got a news for Watson's card member holder.. u may eat for two (2) below at only rm55.90!

Normally, a Set Star Platter worth.. RM55.90. So for me, promotion ni biase2 sahaja.. dapat free air & soup.. Valid until end of dec 2014.. so enjoy! :)

Note kaki : Pernah beli satu promotion kat groupon dengan half price.. agak2 bila nak ada lagi eh? hehehe..