Friday, 28 February 2014


..because the wound need time to recover.. and the empty hole need to be filled.. may Allah bless us.. may Allah guide us.. may Allah always be with us.. amin..

Salam jumaat

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Dear teman..please do not left ur belongings under the 'tree' may not strong to bear with the thunder and storm..last,resulting a lose and gone..the best way calm and take care of it..later ur heart will thankfull... ♥

Talking to the moon...
hope it will reflect the message to those who is needed..


Ah.. at last dpt landing jugak! But mind still clouded with tomorrow's agenda. Ah.. looks like i dont even have time for myself anymore..rumah bagaikan hotel..check in 7pm..check out 8am..almost 12hours spending time outside! so no wonder nowadays house stail is apartment. Because people not living in but check in..! Hows greedy our life today..but what ever it is.. please dont ever give up and surrender for ur life..keep fighting! Ingatlah org tersayang..(haha..ucapan mcm nk balik raya opsikap!) Xoxo

- sudenly teringat time interview lesson time blaja of my lecture question is.."since u're appling this position..u'll have big responsibility and sometime u need to sacrifice ur own time to catch up with ur paper work and so do u ok with that?" Jawapan time tu sume "OK OK OK" yek..!! Hahaha..sbb nk markah tinggi kan.. so bile dah in real situation baru tau macam nana rasanya! Ohh... i think i miss my study time.. sbb boleh ponteng2!! Kerje?? Nk ponteng??? Haha..sakitlerr kemudian hari bile tibe dateline!


..because my life is quite challenging and make me struggling to live nowadays.. so i make a wish to have a time to escape from my hard and busy life.. please heart please be strong.. be sabar.. Allah may be with you..

so sahabat.. if u in a same boat of mine.. be strong.. and always keep in your mind Allah may be with you.. Allah never forgot his promises..

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Sometimes..things happened death..we'll never know where is our last page..soo..lets be prepared.... when im gone..please dont be sad..because 'mati itu pasti'...

Monday, 24 February 2014


Im so tired..
Waiting for my doll to dance around..
Feeling like 'meyh' with an empty look....
Sigh~ only if u know..

* jingle sound unhappilly *

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Aishh..tak bole bla laa tengok rancangan masak ni..mesti terliuq!!! Pastu wat kite lapa pulak...haaa..takpe2..tgu mood rajin dtg..kite chingchang2 kat dapo k! Pastu felling ala chef!! Hahahahha..

(Waa  bestnye kalau pandai masak ala2 chef..)


Currently at "kelinik laptop"..menunggu dokte wat posmotem kt lappy..haha..mase y sesuai untuk berehat..tapi kalo bole cepat sikit la encik mau ke tempat laen pulak ni.. hehe..

Haa..siape kate kerjaya kedoktoran sahaja yang bole buat duet.. kerjaya apa pun kalau kita berusaha..insyaAllah bole mencapai tahap yang tinggi.. =D

(Haha..nampak sgt kite bkn seorg dokte!)

Friday, 21 February 2014


"If u had given a chance to back to your previous.. would u take it and change the history?"

. . . . . will it be better?

Thursday, 20 February 2014


:D hei jmpe lagi! Dah nk tdo ke? Ha elok laa tu.. meh la kite borak sikit pasal mimpi b4 tdo.. siape tau sebenanye berapa lame kite bermimpi? Takdelah.. kite tido berejam.. tp bile igt balik..rase mimpi kite tu tak sampai pun jamjam y kite tido tu.. kan? Rahsia Allah..Pastu pnh tak dga..roh kite sebenarnye kluar dr badan seketike mase kite tdo..? MashaAllah..hebat kan kuasa Allah..haa..k la ape lagi..nk tdo jgn lupe bace doa k! Sweet dreams! (Ya Allah..berilah aku mimpi yang indah malam ini..amin!) hihi..bole ke cmtu?


Hi! Im luna..kaler luna..hahah..anyway luna is totally not my real name..but please call me luna..hahah..tlg la jgn rase tertekan dgn entry ni..kite pn tatau nk tulis hati meronte2 nk buat acc blog..maybe tomolo..leter..sometime..or bile2 ade bende yang interesting..i'll share k! promises..! :D